Africa Nazarene

ANUMUN has been running it for a few years now and it helped people grow in 5 key areas:
- Problem solving on global issues;
- Parliamentary debates;
- Critical thinking and innovation;
- Public speaking;
- Professional writing.

Africa Nazarene Chapter

ANUMUN is still a growing chapter, and is looking to expand/working on expanding, our membership. 

#ANUMUN is here for you 😁


Chapter meetings are held on Thursday 4pm- 5pm. According to the ANU clubs and societies guidelines, the venue, meetings are usually held in ERM Room A at the ANU Chapter.

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The bold and funny girl who works as the USG of ANU MUN. A lively character pursuing a degree in Journalism, she believes in voicing your own opinion and is a champion for servant leadership. A voracious reader with a curious mind and a lot of questions.

In his duty at Africa Nazarene University KenyaMUN Chapter, once read that "Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind. To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment."

A third year student pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Business and Information Technology at the Africa Nazarene University. He is quite a diplomatic person and for this reason, decided to join KenyaMUN which gives him an opportunity to improve on this skill and develop more along the way.  

A third year law student at Africa Nazarene University. She came into the ICJ as a mooter in the 19th Session before being appointed Judge of the Court for the 20th session. With a keen interest in International Law & Diplomacy, She is eager to make the 20th session an incredible experience for all mooters in their chapter.

Studies peace and conflict studies. She's an organized person and loves learning new skills that will benefit her. Being a Communications Director is one thing she enjoys since it helps her in building confidence and self-esteem. KenyaMUN is a great platform that has benefited her in building the confidence and in reaching where she is today.

A second year student pursuing Criminal Justice and Security Management. She loves being a leader whenever she gets the chance or interest in the specific position being offered. Being a supportive and caring person in people's lives is her pride.


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