EA Baraton

Our vision is to emulate and sensitize our members in the ways of the United Nations, thus preparing and educating our members in harmony with different cultures and prepare them for many situations within and without the community.

EA Baraton Chapter

We promote interest in the (UN) and its agencies among the members of the Baraton community. Ensuring members of the Baraton chapter are able to represent the Kenya MUN functions with the aim of exchanging and sharing ideas.

Sensitizing the Baraton community to sustainable development, security and respect for international human rights in the global arena.

To give back to the society through charitable and community-based events and activities.  Membership in the Organization is open to all students registered to Baraton University without discrimination on any grounds whatsoever.
The ex-officio members of the Executive Committee shall be: The Patron-Mrs. Esther Angwenyi and the Oversight- Miss Ayanda. 

Chapter Meetings :

A General Assembly Meeting is held biweekly that’s on Monday and Wednesday from 2pm-3pm in the Humanities building room (H101).

Meetings are held only if there is a quorum of not less than one fifth of the ordinary members and three Executive Committee members. 

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A 3rd year student majoring in Development Studies with a minor in Environmental science at the UEAB. Being the 1st Baraton Chapter USG, he led the team in registering and setting up the new chapter. He believes by coming together the youth have a role to play in creating sustainable solutions to the world’s problems.

A 2nd year student majoring in development studies at Baraton University. She has an absolute zeal for humanity. A leader to her is someone who is empathetic, humble and focused on goals and missions beyond herself and someone who can influence people to move toward that better vision.

She is pursuing a degree in Development Studies at UEAB. She is eager to help and better the world for future generations and by pursuing activities in the Model UN she hopes to achieve the necessary skills to farther her career so as to achieve her goal of helping others.

She is a sophomore student pursuing Development Studies and is honored to hold this position with fervor. She is passionate and has keen interest in the United Nations undertakings and looks forward to imparting the youth in making the world a better place. Her interests include photography, music and world affairs.

She is passionate about human rights and access to justice for all. She has attended MUN functions like IMUN and looks forward to empower the youth in the society. She is excited to work with all the youth and make Kenya Model United Nations a greater and better platform for the youth.

He is a student majoring in Development Studies and is passionate about financial and environmental issues. He has a vision of self-sacrifice that began to yield self-realization through integrity and honesty optimism that reflects light of hopefulness. He believes that leaders should be in love with justice and humanity.

He is in charge of planning for and overseeing the Chapter’s corporate social responsibilities. An organizer behind the formation of the local chapter, He is very keen on matters sustaining the environment. He is a 3rd year Development Studies Major (Minor in Economics). He also enjoys watching documentaries, and will probably beat you in a basketball shooting contest.


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