We seek to introduce Model UN by giving students an opportunity to expand and put into practice their language skills. Aside from the huge opportunity, they emulate the ways of the United Nations and help in achieving its goals by practicing the same in their daily routines.

Catholic University of Eastern Africa Chapter

Model UN has fostered negotiation and communication skills within delegates in our chapter. We represent the material obligations of The United Nations by participating in conferences, mock debates and CSRs.

In the aforesaid debates, our delegates are able to come up with policy proposals that may prove beneficial to the respective United Nations committees.

Our goal is to grow autonomously in the community and have a special interest in making it our personal obligations to achieve the seventeen Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Chapter Meetings:
The general meeting comprises of the local secretariat and the members. Meetings are held on Thursdays (11am-2pm) at Rugambwa Hall (RH-22). We have quorum every Thursday regardless of the numbers as we find that new members join the chapter frequently.

We have the honour of being represented by our patron one beautiful Mrs Fridah Kabatsi. The local Secretariat convenes meetings during lunch hours after every meeting to assess the progress and come up with better ways of recruiting more members.

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Former Deputy President of the Council of representatives, he is a third Year student pursuing Political Science with a focus on international relations. He is a firm believer in investing in humanity as the most sustainable solution to most if not all global problems. His life philosophy is “strong to serve." His instagram handle is @kariukss

Currently a 3rd Year student of Political Science. She has been a member of the MUN community since high school. 
One of her pet peeves is learning new things and she has gained an enormous amount of knowledge from being a member of KenyaMUN. She likes to talk and express herself and KenyaMUN gives the platforms to do so. She likes the quote “We will make it, we have to.“

A second year student of international relations. She is interested in international law and development at a national level and regional level too. For Njeri culture is not a hindrance to development rather culture is development. She is also passionate about the recognition respect and promotion of human rights for all.

A third year student pursuing Sociology. She is passionate about Mental Health and the Sustainable Development Goals 2030 thus her love for volunteering is in surrounding to my passion. She loves drawing and art painting. The entire United Nations encapsulation sound intriguing to her. She is humbled being part of the KenyaMUN fraternity and is seeking to do nothing but the best in her capacity. 

A third year student at CUEA taking law. She is passionate about the law and the need to give back to the society. Being part of the MUN community has taught her a lot. It has increased her understanding on various international aspects. She is a firm believer of the sustainable development goals. Model UN contributes to fulfilling the aims and goals for the same and that is what pushed her to join the chapter. She looks forward to positive growth within and eager to find out how much more the chapter has to offer.

He is currently a 4th year student pursuing law. He loves travelling, cooking and quarantine has really aided his reading habits.  

She is currently a 4th year student pursuing Political Science. She is passionate about diplomacy, human rights and volunteering. I love music, art, photography, writing, poetry and fashion. Self-love is always her top priority. Her life philosophy is “Be the light that shines, even during the darkest times.” 


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