This organization is within Daystar University in Athi River. Our vision is to educate and promote greater understanding of the Kenya Model United Nations among members of the club by providing them with an authentic simulation of the workings of specified committees and specialized agencies of the UN inter alia.

Daystar Chapter

Ensuring members of the Daystar chapter are able to represent the Kenya MUN functions with the aim of exchanging and sharing ideas. Sensitizing and enlightening the Daystar community to sustainable development, security, and respect for international human rights in the global arena.

Membership in the Organization is open to all students registered to Daystar University without discrimination on any grounds whatsoever. The ex-officio members of the Executive Committee shall be: The Patron- Mr. Patrick Musembi.

Chapter Meetings:
A General Assembly Meeting is held weekly that’s Wednesday from 2-4 p.m. in BCC 05 room. Meetings are held only if there is a quorum of not less than one fifth of the ordinary members and three Executive Committee members.

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A 4th year student majoring in communications at Daystar University. She is the USG that led the Daystar Chapter in the 19th KenyaMUN Conference. She has attended 4 conferences organized by the UN as well as other MUN activities. She is passionate about finding one's true self. she is also proud and grateful of being both a delegate as well as the head of the Daystar Chapter.

A 4th year student majoring in Communications at Daystar University. He is the DUSG that led the Daystar chapter in the 19th KenyaMUN conference. He loves having fun, meeting new people, planning, and organizing events. He is also passionate about speaking on matters to do with international politics and learning about the world.

A 1st year student majoring in Biomedical Science at Daystar University. She is the current PGA who has had over 6 years of MUN experience dating back to Middle school. She has had the privilege to participate in 10 different MUN conferences. As much as she loves debating and research, she also loves dogs.

A 1st year student majoring in International Relations and Minoring in Economics at Daystar University. He has 4 years of MUN experience dating back to his High school years. He enjoys getting to know people as well as sharing his experiences and views on matters that affect us on a personal level through writing in his blog as well as in his photography.

A 4th Year student majoring in Economics at Daystar University, with a knack for numbers. He is a very spirited man with a strong predilection in the evolution of structured and unstructured sciences that explain the being of things.

A 4th year student majoring in Public Relations at Daystar University. She seeks to bring out excellence in everything she does and is passionate about planning, communication, and content creation

Saboke Masaki is a 4th year student majoring in International Relations at Daystar University and is the chair of the Daystar University Peace & International Studies Students Association. He is passionate about effective governance, defending human rights and using politics for societal transformation. On the side he enjoys extreme sports, high adrenaline activities and loves playing basketball and is an avid LA Clippers fan.


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