KU Kitui

Established in 2019, and has seen a gradual increase in membership. As a fairly new set up of the new secretariat, voted in by the founding members, has managed to garner more members enshrined in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Kenyatta University
Kitui Chapter

The chapter has been able to simulate existing concerns in the contemporary world and current affairs that impact the day-to-day life as students. The members have been able to come up with amicable solutions to combat the issues and have been able to explore various field of thought in deciphering various predicaments.

The delegates have been able to learn about the functions of the UN organs, and have familiarized themselves with the procedures involved in resolving global concerns -and have forthwith known their roles in ensuring a better tomorrow as youths.

The mock debates have been in practice and have proven very expedient in evaluating and resolving global issues, and sharpening the cognitive ability of individuals in the process.

Although the chapter is in its infancy it is composed of intelligent and visionary personalities and proven to be destined for has become without a doubt, a blueprint in embedding the next consortium of world leaders with relevant knowledge and decision making aptitudes.

By coming together we have been able to see the bigger picture and better prepare ourselves as leaders of tomorrow.

Chapter Meetings:
The chapter meets on Tuesdays from 7:00-8:00pm at Lecture room 1 

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She is a 3rd year student at Kenyatta University. She is the founder of the Kenyatta University Kitui Chapter. She is an SDG ambassador and a millennium fellow at the millennium fellowship, a Boston-based organization affiliated with the United Nations Academic Impact. She is passionate about youth empowerment and education and is a champion for this cause since 2017 by participating in mentorship programs in schools to help youth stay in school and improve their academic performance. 

He is passionate about growth and elevation of the youths in the various dynamic capacities they hold, as well as uplifting them from poverty by creating awareness, and stirring up youth led groups that are solution oriented in tackling the challenges that face the world at large. 

A Commerce student who likes participating in voluntary work. He is diligent and passionate about making the world a better place by solving current world problems, arriving at workable solutions and diversely empowering the youth through culture, diplomacy, sports and social integration. He hopes to be an inspiration to all and be integral in protecting the future generations in his country and beyond.

She is a 3rd year student in Kenyatta University pursuing a degree in economics and statistics. She is a strong advocate of being the change by having each person do their part. To this extent she has participated in advancing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal number 4 through participating in Millennium fellowship. 

She is a 3rd year student and an entrepreneur; passionate about the ability to create employment and innovative and effective solutions. She likes participating in social work to try and make an impact in the any small way she can mostly in youth empowerment and environmental activities. 


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