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A branch of the vast Kenya Model United Nations. We are a student-led non-profit organization that began in 2001. We currently have 37 members through which our activities are carried out.

Kenyatta University
(Main) Chapter

Our activities include corporate social responsibility (CSR's), meaning we visit children’s homes, clean up an area or plant trees. Our CSR's are either done in conjunction with other chapters or on our own. We also have chapter activities like yoga, tai chi, athletics or walks which are done within or out of campus.

We use these activities for team building purposes. We also collaborate with other clubs within school. We hold weekly online debate simulations in our chapter’s group. We hold weekly meetings where we discuss our chapter’s issues like the constitution or teach our new members the procedures of the Model United Nations.

We have a patron who works very closely with the local secretariat, Prof. Fredrick Q. Gravenir,who is also the Deputy Vice Chancellor for research, innovation and outreach at Kenyatta University. We have annual applications and applicants have to go through shortlisting and training so that they can become model members. We welcome all to our family!

Chapter Meetings :
Our chapter meets weekly, twice; Mondays and Wednesdays at 5pm. We meet at the Kenyatta University Business and Student Services Centre (BSSC). 

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Instagram: @kenyattamun


A third year student in the School of Engineering, Energy and Technology. She has been in the Model United Nations from her first year. She has attended mock debates and been a delegate during previous conferences. She was formerly the Deputy Under Secretary General in the previous session. Kate, as many know her, has a great passion for youth development and global issues. 

A Communications and Media student who has attended the annual KenyaMUN conference multiple times. She was the communications director for the previous session. Faith also has a great passion for Photography and event planning. She is very charming and has a bubbly personality. She has very many ideas for the improvement of the chapter and has already implemented some of them.
She also serves as the Deputy Communications Director for the Communications Bureau. 

She's in the School of pure and applied science, studying Statistics and Programming, Year 3. She loves reading Christian literature, writing creative pieces and doing lots of research. Her favorite quote is from Psalms 20. "May the Lord answer your every prayer" 

A first year student in the school of economics. She has prior knowledge in accounts and book keeping. She is a very enthusiastic person who loves Model UN. She is also very honest and strong- willed. Her aim is to grow as an MUN member and hopefully become the under secretary general of our chapter, one day. 

A second year Psychology student at Kenyatta University. She has been an active member of the Model UN prior to her current appointment. She is passionate about SDGs 3 and 5, Good Health and Well-being and Gender Equality respectively. Under SDG 3, her focus is on mental health. She loves listening to music and grooving to it even though she may have two left feet. 

A Communications and Media student at Kenyatta University, Ruiru Campus. More than that however, he is a prolific content creator; specifically as a podcaster on Kevin's Pod and a blogger on Maina Mind blog. He is passionate about Self-development and Leadership, hoping to effectively serve in leadership for the transcend of his generation. 


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