Kabarak University

The chapter has experienced a tremendous growth from 21 members to 50 registered members. We have been able to actively participate in the 18th and 19th Annual KenyaMUN Conferences.

Kabarak Chapter

KenyaMUN Kabarak Chapter was formed in 2018 by Sophie Orenge. It has had two sets of Local Secretariats. The USGs that have served are Sophie Orenge, Amina Rashid Abdalla and Sifuna Rhema Mapenzi.

We conduct our meetings on Wednesdays from 5pm to 6:30-pm.
During our meetings, we get to learn the rules of procedure, have our own mock debates and engage in various fun games. Besides that, every semester, we conduct community service activities such as tree planting and environmental clean-ups.

The various activities that we take part in have enabled each member to grow in responsibility towards the community, public speaking skills, debate skills and networking skills. In us, has been ignited a fire to be part of the skilled set of youth that create a change not only in our local communities but also the world at large. They say that there is a friend that sticks closer than a brother. It is sufficient to describe the KenyaMUN Kabarak Chapter as a family.

This family, embedded at the heart of Kabarak, strives to grow and impact the community.

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An IT Student currently in her third year of study. She is a generic problem solver and networking enthusiast who served in the previous secretariat as Communications Director.

A student of Business and IT. Her interests include management, policy making governance and human rights as a whole.

Currently in his second year taking Computer Science Security and Forensic. A DISEC committee loyalist to the very end. He hopes to work for a UN program one day for him to get a chance to impact the world in whatever way he can. 

Twitter: @declanmboya_
Facebook: @declanmboya 

He is a second-year law student passionate about advocacy, law and systems of governance around the world. He is a sucker for everything football and public speaking. 

He is a third-year student with a keen interest in the structural organization and working of the UN. A free-spirited soul always open to intellectual engagements.

A law student currently in his second year of study. He is a lover of diplomacy and the rule of law with skills in graphic designing.

She is currently in her 3rd year pursuing a Bachelor in Law (LLB) at Kabarak university. She has a passion for justice, rule of law, moots and debates, the KenyaMUN has helped develop and grow this passion which is why she serves as the current PICJ.

A first-year student at Kabarak law school, the current DPICJ. He is passionate about international law, Diplomacy and justice for all. Mooting and debating is his cup of tea any day.

She is a fun loving and merry soul committed wholeheartedly to the success of the Kabarak MUN family. She is also a firm believer in service delivery and the rule of law. 

He is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. He is a firm believer of inclusivity and the virtue of being a team player. A lover of public speaking coupled up with the love for tech and a Manchester united supporter for life, London is after all red.

A 3rd year law student at Kabarak University. He has reasons aplenty for joining KenyaMUN, key among them being a good compression is for professional exposure. 

For the last three years his passion for the moots has grown since he joined the chapter. He is a lover of philosophy and anything that aligns with the same. 


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