KU-School of Law

Arguably the most active and effective member chapter of Kenya Model United Nations.
KUSoLMUN is the champion of the 19th Session, a title that has been held for the last two sessions consecutively. We pride ourselves in the honesty, discipline, hard work, integrity and diligence in service. Our pride and joy is to learn, grow and win the 20th Session of KenyaMUN. 

Kenyatta University
(KUSoL) Chapter

Fully cognizant of our undying desire to achieve the core values under the KenyaMUN Strategic Plan, the one-year tenure of service ensures an experimental learning through an annual theme. We participate in community projects as part of corporate social responsibility.

The Chapter is diverse and encourages the membership and attendance of any person with an intention to exchange intellectual and cultural experience.

Chapter Meetings:
The local secretariat actively engages its members in training and simulations every Wednesday at 2.30pm, with each of the three committees meeting in different rooms.

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Also serving as the President of the Council of Representatives for the 20th Session, he is a second-year student of law at Kenyatta University.
His interests in International and Human Rights law, Diplomacy and International Relations, Social Corporate Responsibility activities as well as transformative leadership put him at the helm of the best chapter in the organization.
He is passionate in impacting positively on all those he meets in life. He believes that selfless service to humanity is service to God.
In the 19th session, he participated both as a delegate in the General Assembly and as an agent in the International Court of Justice. During the 3rd Mock Debate, he emerged the best delegate in the Special Political and Decolonization Committee while at the conference, he was awarded the best overall male oralist and was part of the team with the best memorials in International Court of Justice.
He describes his experience at the KenyaMUN Conference as beautiful moments to cherish and always look forward to.

She is a Law student at Kenyatta University, Parklands. She is a Sophomore year student in the varsity. She previously served as the President of the General Assembly. She was part of a great team that saw to it that the 19th session the chapter was best in a row.
She is an introvert with a unique personality of being an INFJ. This has seen to it that she is diplomatic in nature. Always ready to learn and accept mistakes when wrong. Ignorance is never an option for her.

The office of the PGA is highlighted under Chapter Five, Office Three of the KenyaMUN Constitution. The main function of the PGA is to conduct trainings and simulations in KU Parklands Chapter.

“KMUN has made me a better debater, more eloquent in my speech and a better researcher.” 

She is currently a second-year law student at Kenyatta University. Her interests in international law and diplomacy saw her become a member of Kenya Model United Nations immediately she joined campus. She participated in the 18th and 19th session as a member of various committees of the general assembly. She has scooped the best delegate position in one mock debate and a special mention in two mock debates as well as conference in the 19th session. She says KenyaMUN has made her a better researcher and debater. 

The International Law Commission is headed by a head commissioner who is assisted by other commissioners and they all serve for a period of five years. The head commissioner is appointed during each session of the ILC and he or she will head the commission in the duration of that session.
The KenyaMUN chapter has been of great help especially to international law students premised on the weekly meetings and trainings on how to go about research and draft articles. KU Parklands ILC will continue to aid in the development of international law during this 20th session through all activities and also training the in the local chapter.

The International Court of Justice (ICJ) is the principal judicial organ of the United Nations. It has two functions: Settling legal disputes submitted by States and giving advisory opinions on legal questions referred to it.
It's model system in the MUN aims for the Protection and Promotion of Human Rights, the Rule of Law & Democracy.
KenyaMUN has staged a better understanding of the ICJ as well as providing a platform to tackle legal issues affecting states. This is pertinent as it raises a generation of leaders who can solve interstate problems amicably and peacefully.  

She is a second-year law student in Kenyatta University Parklands Campus. She joined Kenya Model United Nations in first year and attended the 18th session as well as the 19th session as a delegate. She is currently serving in the PGA bureau committee. She enjoys humanitarian work and hopes one day she will work in the United Nations. Her hobbies include watching football matches, playing indoor games, listening to music and socializing with people.

She is currently a second-year student at the Kenyatta University School of Law, Parklands. She has participated in International Law Moots which birthed her interest to join the Kenya Model United Nations. She is focused, industrious, goal-oriented and believes in trying out all opportunities that present themselves because that is the only way to grow. She is of the opinion that the Kenya Model United Nations is the perfect platform to grow, become more knowledgeable and experience exciting new adventures.

He is a student of law. He has experienced simulations of the General Assembly. The lessons he’s learned form a deep reflection of the United Nations.
His passion for the chapter and its activities has seen him participate in almost all committees and culminated in rising up the ranks to service in the local secretariat.

Being placed in such a position has been humbling and a great honor for her. Her zeal in the previous sessions as a delegate is one of the core values that enabled her to get this far. 

 A second year law student at Kenyatta University. She is resilient, amiable and humble. She is very passionate about youth mentorship and community outreach as well as humanitarian affairs. She believes that Kenya MUN is the best platform for her to realize her aspirations as a social reformer. She finds her experience at the conference and mock debates as simply exhilarating.

A 2nd year Law student at the Kenyatta University School of Law. Being an avid believer of ‘making the world a better place’ which is in line with the goal of the Sustainable Development Goals of 2015, the society will be able to realize the United Nations’ Vision 2030.

A Law Student at Kenyatta University. He is a charming, self-driven, ambitious and a purpose driven. He has excellent socializing skills and gets along with everybody. He is an eloquent speaker and can speak four languages, English, Kiswahili, Dholuo and Spanish. He taught himself the Spanish language and his mastery is second to none. He is a great debater and has represented the school in various contests. He also partakes in the Arts sector where he is a runway model and a good actor. His qualities made him a suitable candidate for the Deputy CSR position where he undertakes his duties diligently and his efforts are commendable and serve as an example to all.


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