Multimedia University

Our mission is to embrace the spirit of the United Nations by inspiring a culture of virtuous leadership amongst youths through intellectual debates and creating a network of proactive solution development to local and global issues. 

Multimedia University Chapter

For us to achieve our mission, we sensitize our members in the ways of the United Nations, thereby preparing and educating them in harmony with diversity and prepare them for many situations within our community and globally.

We promote interest in the United Nations and its agencies amongst the members of the KMUN Multimedia community. Ensuring members of Multimedia chapter are able to represent the Kenya MUN functions with the aim of exchanging and sharing ideas. Sensitizing the KMUN-MMU community to sustainable development, security and respect for international human rights in the global arena. To give back to the society through charitable works and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSRs).

Membership in the organization is open to all students registered to Multimedia University at a small fee per semester without discrimination on any grounds whatsoever.

Chapter Meetings:
Our general assembly meetings are held on a weekly basis on Wednesday’s from 4p.m to 6p.m in the New building LH2.

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She is a third-year student undertaking political science and sociology. She currently serves as the female hall representative in Multimedia University students union. She’s also a volunteer with Youth for SDG’s Kajiado Chapter. She is very passionate about leadership and community service. She’s always optimistic.

He is a youth determined in making the world a better place. His love for diplomacy is what got him to MUN and has been a devoted member for the KenyaMUN for three sessions. He is interested in growing his leadership skills and interacting with fellow youths.

A third-year student at Multimedia University of Kenya undertaking a bachelor’s of science degree in Economics and Finance. She’s passionate about environment and she strives to make a difference. She believes in humanity and our untapped possibilities and enjoys being with her family, music and reading.

He’s a third-year student, in Multimedia University, pursuing Electrical and Telecommunication engineering, and is passionate about Cooperate Social Responsibility activities and also does mentorship. He’s interested in diplomacy and international relations. 

A third-year student pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Electric and Telecommunication Engineering. He is humble and passionate about the environment and has keen interest in the United Nations actions and to making the world a better place. His interests include photography, art and design, music, adventures and explorations. He’s a professional chess player. 

A third-year student at the Multimedia University of Kenya pursuing political science and psychology. She’s very industrious and proficient. She currently serves as a head commissioner in the International Law Commission bureau and she’s also the academics secretary in Multimedia University students’ council. She’s very passionate about leadership and endeavors to impact positive change for the development of the society.

A third-year student in Multimedia University of Kenya undertaking a degree in political science and sociology. He’s a pan-African and he loves and appreciates the history and culture of Africa. He’s passionate about politics and he’s looking forward to participate in mainstream politics and policy making in different political institutions. 


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