Strathmore University

Strathmore Chapter is a vibrant space to not only nurture one’s interests about the United Nations but also a fun opportunity for students to interact with those who have a shared interest.

Strathmore University Chapter

Our members are bound by the chapter’s simple, clear & just constitution. The chapter involves simulations where we discuss, negotiate, debate and come up with solutions to world issues with peers in various conferences and mock debates.

In addition to simulations of the Security Council and the General Assembly, the Strathmore University also undertakes trainings on the International Law Commission and the International Court of Justice.

Our chapter is fond of organizing outdoor team building activities known to increase motivation and encourage creativity in the club. The chapter is highly appreciative of all its members in a bid to attaining a deeper understanding of worldly matters through effective research.

Chapter Meetings:
Usual club meetings are held: Every Friday at 2:15pm.  
Additional training videos on our StrathmoreKMUN group chat. 

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Currently a 2nd year student pursuing Bachelor of Arts in International Studies at Strathmore University. She holds dear values such as discipline, accountability and responsibility. She believes that if there is a passion that's got your heart beating faster than usual, you should keep going for it and this has been showcased by her interest in KMUN as well as other aspects of her life. Being the USG of Strathmore Chapter is an honor because leadership to her is not about titles or positions rather it is about one life influencing another.  

A 2nd year student pursuing International Studies at Strathmore University. He is super excited and honored to serve as the DUSG for the Strathmore KenyaMUN chapter. He loves MUN so much because it creates the platform to shape and create the future leaders of Kenya, Africa and the World.  

A 3rd year, studying international studies, holds ModelUN in high regard as she has a vested interest in conflict resolution and KenyaMUN provides a platform where she can actively engage in problem solving. She looks forward to seeing how the delegates she trained fare in debate.

Currently in his 2nd year. Is out-going, innovative and confident. Has good public speaking and interpersonal skills. He values teamwork and hold in high regard the independent ideas and efforts that when joined together bring forth amazing solutions to the problems we encounter. He enjoys pop culture and politics. Find him listening to some good music or binge- watching a good TV show or immersed in an enchanting book. He enjoys cooking and he finds it interesting to sample new flavors and tastes.

Her roles include overseeing all internal workings of the ILC, organizing and chairing all meetings and debates, recruiting and training commissioners as well as communicating with the ILC bureau on behalf of the committee.

She is enthusiastic and passionate about life and everything about it. KenyaMUN has enabled her to grow in intellect and to be a self-driven individual. She is also passionate about finding solutions to global challenges and KenyaMUN has enlightened her on this.  

A 2nd year Law student at the Strathmore Law School. An eloquent speaker who finds joy in being a medium for others to join the very club that is of her interest. She is passionate about diplomacy and international law. Kenya Model United Nations has been a safe space for her to learn all there is to know about the United Nations, this goes to drafting and overall public speaking in conferences.  

Pursuing Development Studies and Philosophy, he is the deputy head of communications at KenyaMUN Strathmore Chapter, as well as an avid writer for the Communications Bureau.  

A Finance student with a passion for the United Nations and its work. She believes that with the right handling of finances, a lot can be accomplished more effectively and efficiently. The chapter and the team as a whole are then able to accomplish goals. 

She is in third year and doing a degree in Bachelor of Arts in International Studies. As the deputy, she serves as the acting treasurer and manager of the chapter’s financial assets in absence of the Finance Director. She also aids the Finance Director with the aforementioned tasks.  

Her mission is to ensure that all the events organized are a learning experience as well as a fun one for the members of the club in accordance to the KenyaMUN vision.  


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