UoN (Main)

The University of Nairobi (Main Campus) Chapter is a student-run organization emulating the activities of the United Nations inspired by the 17 Sustainable Developments Goals, with our chapter being based in The University of Nairobi, on Main Campus off University Way in the CBD.

University of Nairobi (Main) Chapter

As of 2020, our chapter has a thriving community of 52 members and an all-female Local Secretaria., This chapter’s biggest mandate is to improve our locale and push previous boundaries.

Our mission for the year is to impact our community through direct action by ecological measures and empowering the average citizen through awareness, empathy and individual impact.

On top of this, we work internally along the lines of communication, project organization, financial planning and team work with the members to educate them on the workings of the UN while emulating its activities such as General Assembly and mock debates on top of the annual MUN conference.

Through activities such as monthly community work, team building exercises, human rights’ debates and weekly meetings, we use the resources provided by The University of Nairobi in conjunction with UN protocol to leave a bigger footprint each year on Kenyan youth, fellow university students and our communities in need.

Chapter Meetings:
Time: Every Wednesday, from 1600h to 1730h 
Venue: Gandhi Wing, Room 207/209 

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Instagram: @kmun_uon_main
Twitter: @KenyaMUNUoN
Facebook: KenyaMUN-UoN MAIN Campus Chapter


As a Psychology and Tourism double major student, being the USG of her chapter is not only a passion of hers, but a priority. She is eager to lead her team in creating an environment of enthusiasm for community development, team work, awareness among Kenyan youth and deeper understanding of UN procedures.  

Pursuing Bachelor of Arts in Film Production, and being an active senior member of the Communications Bureau has helped her implement the power of balance and proactivity in her life and within the chapter. She looks forward to working with the team to move the chapter steps ahead individually and collectively.

Within her role in supervising administrative functions of the chapter, she hopes to incorporate the skills she has as an Economics major with a passion for debates and collective apprehension to chair and lead the General Assembly for this session. She hopes her ideas and zeal for change will help their membership gain a deeper respect, grasp of the General Assembly and MUN as a whole. 

Having the chance to be Communications Director of their chapter this year is a privilege, as it meshes well with her passion for empowering young people. She's enthused by the working of the UN and happy to be given the chance to improve communication, engagement and collaborative effort among the members.  

He is a second year student pursuing International Relations and Diplomacy at the University of Nairobi. Hailing from a series of achievements among them, a diploma in International Studies at UoN was a real spark for Elijah, to go on with fervent passion and optimism in being a leader. He has been a KenyaMUN member for last two sessions and a devoted young Christian. He's also a writer, conscientious and eager to optimize content for social media platforms. In diverse but significant ways, his priority and true destination is empowering others to do more and be more.

She is grateful to be in charge of planning and logistics of the conference and any other projects undertaken by the chapter. She takes pleasure in working with this team to oversee projects to ensure all the events and activities of the organization run smoothly, which caters to her passion for design and travelling fittingly.  

Being a Bachelor of Commerce student taking Finance major, She hopes to be a better interpersonal and financial planner during this session within her role.She's glad that the results of her work will have an impact on the running of the chapter’s operations.  


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