UoN (Parklands)

The University of Nairobi (Parklands Campus) has its members who are all ambitious law students.
We strongly believe in team work. Through this we are able to cultivate strong bonds, which eventually show in how well we perform as a team.

University of Nairobi (Parklands) Chapter

Parklands chapter does trainings every Wednesday from 2pm to 4pm. In these trainings we help our members perfect the rules of procedure and also conduct simulations which therefore encourage members to be more confident in preparation for the mock debates and conference. Our new members also get to learn what the different committees are about.

Our local secretariat is always willing to offer any kind of help in regards KMUN or school work to any member who may need their services. This encourages our members to be open with each other therefore building healthy friendships.

Our chapter believes in consistency. That is something that is encouraged from the moment someone who joins the club. We are aware that the more someone does something the better they become at it. For example, when it comes to a skill like researching, which is a skill that serves us, even as students, in our daily lives. It is something that is a constant in KenyaMUN.

Finally, our chapter loves to have fun. We love to have a good time regardless. Besides all work no play makes Jack a dull boy.

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He is a third year
law student passionate about Public International Law with a focus on United Nations and it’s SDGs. When he is not
painting or writing, he is thinking of ways to make this world a better place and he would like to use his
position to do so by promoting awareness of these SDG's in a fun and creative way.

Mitch Bushry is a second year law student at the University of Nairobi. She is brilliant and she can easily switch up from serious to having a great time. She has great leadership skills and relates
really well with people. She is one with many talents and cannot be put in a box. Under her leadership, parklands chapter is in great hands.

A thoughtful citizen committed to change. He is passionate about matters of social justice.
he believes in according people fair opportunities across the sexes, economic strata, communities, name
it! He consciously takes care of his environment. He likes writing, it is an essential tool which he uses to
permeate his ideas. He loves music. He uses it also as a medium of expression and a pass-time activity.

A 2nd year Law student that enjoys the outdoors, critical engagement and a sense
of humor. As the PILC for the Parklands chapter, he looks forward to engaging with diverse perspectives
that the youth hold with regard to both global and local issues. It is his intention to make sure that the
KenyaMUN ILC will gain its deserved recognition as an interactive platform for ideas that will shape
tomorrow’s world.

She is a very outspoken person in her second year of Law School. When it comes to politics and governance, you will find her there giving her well informed opinions. Aside from that she was cut from the leadership cloth and as a chapter we can’t wait to see what she does with the ICJ.

She studies law and is always very eager to learn new things. She is a very open minded individual who loves to listen to different views. She is very invested in humanitarian issues and is keen on using whatever platform she has to start up conversations that will lead to change.

A student of Law at the University of Nairobi. He is interested in international relations,
diversity and diplomacy. A visionary character, quietly goes about his business. An ardent competitor
and more often than not loves to seize an opportunity. Passionate about travelling with adventure being
his middle name. Considers new experiences in life priceless and undoubtedly holds them dear.

She is a first year student
pursuing law. Her interest in the United Nations model is in the UNICEF since she is passionate about
children. She believes children play an important role in society and understanding and providing for
their needs is necessary since they are tomorrow's leaders. She would use my position as projects
director to create awareness on helping children especially those who undergo child abuse so as to
better the society and world at large.


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