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The Kenya Model United Nations (KenyaMUN) is a student run, youth led, non-governmental organization affiliated to the United Nations Information Centre at United Nations Office in Nairobi (UNoN). It consists of 18 active chapters and has an overall membership of over 500 university students. Kenya Model United Nations seeks to empower the youth by advocating for the recognition and respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms by simulating real life world crises through conferences, arriving at amicable and workable solutions.

KenyaMUN Conference 2021 starts in:

#2021 KenyaMUN Conference

2021/03/22 - #KMUN2021

Our Values

As an organisation we value leadership, diligence, innovation, diplomacy, equality, integrity, responsibility, accountability and cultural diversity.



Developing Global Leadership skills allowing every delegate to uptake responsibility, determination and confidence with every event we have


Community Responsibilty

Regular Corporate Social Responsibilities with consistency in consideration of taking part and creating a positive impact to the community around us.


Diplomacy & Integrity

Training individuals on how to professionally manage discussions, ideas and objectives with regards to UN member states and deliberate on matters arising.


Cultural Diversity

Expose all our members to interact with individuals coming from various backgrounds, approaches and ideas, to polish various skills of our members.

KenyaMUN 2021 Facts

With over 18 Chapters spread across the country, KenyaMUN has over 800 members! 


Expected Delegates

From over 18 Registered Chapters across Kenya


Days of Conference

An amazing experience at the UNoN premises in Nairobi



A simulation of the United Nations proceedings following protocol



Registered member states represented by all delegates attending Conference 

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