The International Law Commission (ILC) serves as the codification body of the United Nations and is simulated as so in Kenya Model United Nations.



The ILC aims at having insightful and intellectually stimulating debates where commissioners apply their knowledge on matters public international law in a fun and engaging manner while at the same time working towards fulfilling ILC's main objective which is to promote the progressive development of international law and its codification.

Additionally, the ILC adopts a multidisciplinary approach by fostering an open forum for engagement between students from various disciplinary backgrounds.
The leadership of the ILC is headed by the Chair of the Commission aided by the Deputy Chair of the Commission, and who together oversee the running of the commission.

Departments within the International Law Commission

Administrative department: consisting of the Head of Planning who acts as the executive assistant to the office of the Chair of the Commission

Training department: consisting of the Head of Training and Chapter Bloc heads who oversee the continuous training of all commissioners on rules of procedure and drafting articles.

Drafting department: consisting of Head commissioners who prepare background guides on gaps in international law  for debate on the floor of the commission


1. To promote the progressive development of international law and its codification

2. Preparation of topics to be debated upon by commissioners in ILC simulations

3. Carrying out constant training to all commissioners in liaison with local secretariat CILCs

4. In liaison with the ICJ, acts as the legal advisor to KMUN on all matters


Meet the Team

The ILC is streered with a wonderful team comprising of chars and head commissioners. They are those responsible with coming up with matters for deliberation

Chairs of the Commission


Jeffither Karu, Chair of the International Law Commission (CILC)

"Everything you ever wanted is on the other side of fear"

Diana Gakinya DCILC

Diana Gakinya, Deputy Chair of the International Law Comission (DCILC)

"Gratitude can most narrow roads wider"


Get to know the ILC Document

Below is a document created for all. It is for you to get to understand the ILC better and maybe get the motivation to participate in one of their simulations.

Want to Participate in an ILC simulation?

This years conference will feature an ILC simulation. If you wish to be a part of this wonderful simulation, register below

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