The administrative arm of Kenya Model United Nations 20th Session.

A fourth year student pursuing International Relations and Diplomacy at Riara University. He is excited to serve and lead the delegates with the values of accountability, transparency and teamwork as the guiding pillars. He also believes that together, we can take Kenya Model United Nations to greater heights. He is passionate and has had keen interest in the United Nations and community development works since high school and looks to inculcate the latter in the youth as we look to make a positive change in the world we live in. His interests include Music, Sports and World Affairs. He thus takes this opportunity to welcome you to the 20th Session of the Kenya Model United Nations.

A senior student at Strathmore Law School, who is passionate about international law and diplomacy. The former Deputy Under Secretary General of the Strathmore Chapter and a member of the KenyaMUN. She has taken part in various Outreach Programs and Volunteer work with a drive towards a better society, believes that leadership is not simply about power and authority, it’s a choice. A choice to serve your people every day. In that moment, you gain the trust and cooperation of those who look up to you for guidance and direction. With a passion in art as well, maybe it’s time to colour outside the lines for our generation.

A final year student of law at Kenyatta University, Parklands. She has been a member of KenyaMUN for the last three sessions. She was a delegate during the 17th Session, a Committee Secretary for the PGA Bureau in the 18th Session and as a Committee Chair during the 19th Session. She previously served as the Under Secretary General for the KU Parklands chapter during the 18th KenyaMUN Session, during which her chapter was declared the best chapter over and above 16 other chapters. She was also declared the best chair during the 19th Session KenyaMUN Conference. Other than KenyaMUN, Elsie has also served as a leader in other youth organizations such as AIESEC in Kenyatta University, Kusol CU and Africa Youth Leadership Forum (AYLF). Elsie enjoys reading books (self-improvement especially) and watching telenovelas. She also takes keen interest in local and international politics. She believes that every person has something powerful within them that they should not hide from the world. Every child of God is meant to shine in his/her sphere of influence. Her favourite quote is by Marianne Williamson, from her book A return to Love, “…Your playing small doesn’t serve the world…” so no child of God should shrink (hence hide his/her power) just to make others feel secure.

A third year Law student at Kenyatta University. He has been part of the ICJ for two consecutive years, first as an Agent, then joining the Bureau, before being elected President of the Court for the 20th Session. His passion, dedication, and commitment for ICJ is beyond peradventure as he is keen to commandeer it to greater heights. Other than mooting and debating, he has developed an interest in editing gained from working with Strathmore University Press (Law). ICJ is in the safe caretaking of his visionary leadership, eagerness to learn and willingness to listen to, and consult with the people he works with.

A fourth year law student at Kenyatta University. He is very passionate about research and has pursued this interest since he joined law school. This interest has helped him find a home in the ILC where he has been able to acquire vast experience through his tenure as a commissioner, head commissioner and now serving as your PILC. Samuel is eager to continue his favorite committee's legacy and cannot wait to make the 20th Session an incredible experience for all Commissioners.

Mustaqim is in the medical field, pursuing Dental Surgery at The University of Nairobi. He is a certified Dental Technologist, with an intensive CAD/CAM Digital Dentistry research, using Zirconia. He has skills in graphic management and communications with a decade's MUN experience. Manages and oversees all tasks involving the respective bureau. An all-rounded active student leader, Chief Editor of African Dental Students Association, Head of Communications of Kenya Healthcare Students Summit and PR representative of Dental Students Association of Kenya. Despite having over a decade long experience in various different MUN's, KenyaMUN has enabled him to grow in a different field, learn vastly through practical means and interacting with various different individuals. Has keen interest on current issues and serves as an impetus to positive change in society.

A third year student pursuing a double major in Finance and Marketing who has a passion for entrepreneurship and music. She views the youth as catalysts for change in the grand scheme and has been involved in social outreach programmes such as Ghetto Classics. This being her third year in KenyaMUN, she has been able to grow and be enriched with the experiences and activities within the organisation. She also believes music to be not only exhilarating but also an important part of life and hopes to enrich and touch the ears and hearts of many through her playing. 

A fourth year student pursuing International Relations at Kenya Methodist University, Nairobi Campus. She is all about finding opportunities for the youth to contribute to achieving the Sustainable Development Goal's. She is a proud feminist and global citizen who has always incorporated her work with professionalsm and fun memories.

A fourth year student at The University of Nairobi, School of Law who is also a researcher at the Committee of Fiscal Studies. He has a keen interest in politics, law and international relations. As the first Chief of Staff of KenyaMUN, it is both a challenge and a privilege, and hopes to set a good place for his successors. He is also the President of the Students Organisation for Law and Diplomacy. 

Currently in her final year of law school at The University of Nairobi. Previously the Under Secretary General - UoN Parklands. She has also served as a student leader as the Vice Chairperson of UoN Parklands Campus. She is very passionate about charity work. She was the previous legal advisor to RAFIKI WA MTAA PADS AND PANTIES INITIATIVE which gives sanitary towels to street women. She is a member of NIJALI FOUNDATION that creates mental health awareness. she aims to improve the quality of debates among delegates through creating a better understanding of the rules of procedure and research work. 

A fourth year law student at Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology. Her passion lies in human rights and environmental conservation. Currently, she engages in actvities that seek to ensure sustainable measures and practices for the environment and the advocacy for equaity and non-discrimination in all forms. She enjoys doing research, particularly on history, analysis of ancient civilizations, translations and interpretations of ancient languages and preservation of historical findings.

Currently pursuing a Bachelor's of Law, Ms. Mboya has an unwavering interest in International Law and Diplomacy. She is also an advocate for children's rights having worked in Child advocacy with the Kenya Children Assembly( KCA), UNICEF, KAACR as well as other organizations for the protection of children's rights. Serving as the Deputy President of the International Court of Justice, she is dedicated to diligently serve the 20th Session ICJ Bureau.

A Communications and Media student who has attended the annual KenyaMUN conference multiple times. She was the Kenyatta University Chapter's communications director for the previous session. Imani also has a great passion for Photography and event planning. She has ideas for the improvement of the chapter and has already implemented some.

A Mathematics and Computer Science student who is passionate about the involvement of youth in the societyas well as their empowerment. Being a KenyaMUN member for the past two sessions has increased her passion towards this cause. She is also interested in technology and the impact it has in our modern day society.

A final year student at Kenyatta University, School of Law. She is a volunteer of Youth in Action, an initiative of AMREF Kenya and also a Green Ambassador, an initiative of the MEFOREST. She is purposefully and passionately driven towards the realization and achievement of the SDG's and MDG's too. She has served in various positions in KenyaMUN and SAIMUN. 

A fourth year student at The University of Nairobi, School of Law. She has a keen interest in diplomacy, human rights and environmental law. She has had the opportunity to work as a legal intern at THE EQUALITY EFFECT, a non-profit organisation that works with children who are victims of abuse through their 160 GIRLS PROJECT. The KenyaMUN experience has continued to mould her into a reliable leader, effective communicator and problem solver. KenyaMUN has truly redefined what it means to 'make a change' by instilling this responsibility on her as an individual, to transform the community.


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