Riara University

Riara Chapter officially began on February 2nd 2019, after the founders attended the 18th Session of the Kenya Model United Nations Conference. The Riara Chapter was spearheaded by six students from the university, which has now grown into a community with a larger number of members today.

Riara University Chapter

We were privileged to emerge as the winners of the Warm-Up Challenge that took place in 2019, which was our first attempt and the first ever activity we attended. Currently, we have been able to attend a number of mock debates that took place in 2019, which has enabled us to expand our connections and relations with members from other chapters.

The Riara Chapter seeks to sensitize fellow students within and without the university on the United Nations through the KMUN platform. Within the University, the club seeks to reach out to students who engage in club activities with the goal of emerging better equipped and aware of the goings-on of the UN, This will enable them to actively participate in relevant activities nationally and articulate their ideas to help form a better nation and international system at large. Without the university, KMUN-Riara connects with other clubs, learning and sharpening each other. Through community service as well, the club is able to reach out to the community and give back to society, in the spirit of unity.

Chapter Meetings:

We have our regular chapter meetings every Wednesday from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. in one of the rooms located in the university’s learning block.


She is currently pursuing a degree in International Relations and Diplomacy and is in her fourth year. Wambui is also an art enthusiast majoring in poetry writing and spoken word. She has an interest in public and international relations, hence her choice to pursue a Bachelor of Arts in International Relations and Diplomacy. Kenya Model United Nations is to her a platform that allows her to express her views in international and to engage with other like-minded people to foster change in the world.  

A fourth year student who has realised that age
does not determine success, but the true power lies within effort, hard work and
consistency. Failure is inevitable, as human is to error, but achievement comes in when we
learn from our mistakes and build from our failures. This is the attitude that has made her
who she is today.

She is driven by the passion to impact people’s lives positively. She is a God-fearing lady who is young at heart. She is endowed with a character of being calm and collected. She has attended a number of the Kenya Model United Nations proceedings and is very-well equipped with information concerning the same.  

She is a Communication student in her third year of studies currently. She is passionate about photography and news anchoring. She is also a young entrepreneur who owns a clothing business. Marketing is a skill required in this field, which qualifies her for the post of the communications director in the respective chapter.  

As a 3rd year law student, Eve highly shows interest in international law for the improvement of current situations in developing countries. In Kenya for example, she envisions a successful education system that emulates those of Finland and Denmark. She enjoys cooking, listening to music and writing.  

She is passionate about service delivery and she finds satisfaction in ensuring the well-being of others. Emanating positivity and spreading kindness is part of her mantra. Beth is also pursuing a degree in International Relations and Diplomacy at the university and she delights in matters concerning the conferences.  

He is a fourth-year student pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in International Relations and Diplomacy. His interests surround global politics, international economy and security. He also delights in liberal views that advocate for the pooling together of resources to find solutions to the world’s common challenges. Ivan enjoys reading as a hobby.  

She is currently a law student in her 3rd year at Riara University. She is really passionate
about human rights specifically the fight for gender equality in today's society and MUN is a
platform to channel that passion.


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