Elsie Candy Dulo

Elsie Candy Dulo

President of the General Assembly

Elsie Candy Dulo is a fourth year student of law at Kenyatta University, Parklands. Elsie has been a member of KenyaMUN for the last three sessions. She was a delegate during the 17th Session, a Committee Secretary for the PGA Bureau in the 18th Session and as a Committee Chair during the 19th Session. She previously served as the Under Secretary General for the KU Parklands chapter during the 18th KenyaMUN Session, during which her chapter was declared the best chapter over and above 16 other chapters. She was also declared the best chair during the 19th Session KenyaMUN Conference.

Other than KenyaMUN, Elsie has also served as a leader in other youth organizations such as AIESEC in Kenyatta University, Kusol CU and Africa Youth Leadership Forum (AYLF).

Elsie enjoys reading books (self-improvement especially) and watching telenovelas. She also takes keen interest in local and international politics.

She believes that every person has something powerful within them that they should not hide from the world. Every child of God is meant to shine in his/her sphere of influence. Her favourite quote is by Marianne Williamson, from her book A return to Love, “…Your playing small doesn’t serve the world…” so no child of God should shrink (hence hide his/her power) just to make others feel secure.